Features & Amenities

• Telephone
• Sewerage and Drainage System
• Illuminated Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Roads
• Wide Footpaths
• Postal Service
• Recreational Activities i.e. Clubs & Cafe etc.
• Boundary Wall & Security Systems
• Gas
• Water Supply
• Electricity, Underground Cables
• Green Landscaping
• Self-Reliant Maintenance System
• Health Care Facilities
• School
• Mosque


Zarkon Heights features a world-class school where foreign qualified faculty imparts globally competitive education to students in a top-notch environment comprising of modern classrooms, sports facilities, CTI, science labs as well a central library. Zarkon Height’s centrally air-conditioned mosque is designed on the concept of ‘wussut’, a distinctive philosophy of Islam. With a capacity to house thousands of worshippers, the mosque’s interior is designed to evoke a sublime sense of spirituality.

Compromise on Nothing

Community Center

Zarkon Heights’ state-of-the-art Community Center glitters like a diamond in the heart of this complete lifestyle community. Decide a theme for your family, social or corporate event and our team of experts will craft an event for you that will remain a part of your cherished memories.

• Five-Star Service
• Spacious Parking & Valet Service
• Opulent Interior

A World of Privileges

Hospitality is the very core of eastern culture. Zarkon Heights is probably the first residential community in Islamabad that features a 14-story luxury hotel for the convenience of our residents, their guests and visitors to the capital city.

Commodious lobbies, plush rooms, 24/7 concierge and excellent service guarantee a memorable stay.

Residences & Home Management

Zarkon Heights welcomes you to a world of lavish living. The moment you drive past its grandiose entrance, a sprawling landscape, an immense parking area, palatial lobbies and a welcoming staff imprint a lasting impression on your mind. The effect captures your heart and keeps it captivated forever.

Twenty-four-hour security and superior maintenance services give you and your loved ones the satisfaction and peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else.

Innovation for Better Living

Zarkon Heights has been designed to enrich the living experience of its residents in every possible way. The smart building structure has a centrally integrated security system for round-the-clock surveillance of its entrance, exits, and streets. Automated fire and smoke alarms, digitally controlled car parking, computerized billing and data keeping in addition of latest ICT technology connectivity make life worth living.

Four Distinct Resident Types

Wake up to the stunning views of the Margallas, breath in the serenity that envelopes your abode in Zarkon Heights. Start your day like royalty, revealing every moment in the world of unparalleled comfort, class, and luxury.

Functionality & Style

Zarkon Heights offers a unique lifestyle, meeting every need of urban living; this blend of functionality and luxury is what makes Zarkon Heights the most desired residential address in town.